Call to global mobilization and solidarity with Venezuela! As Peoples we mobilize for peace and sovereignty Latin America and the Caribbean united with the people of Venezuela

Declaration of the Jubilee South / Americas network.

In the face of the bellicose threats made by the President of the United States and other senior officials of his government, against our sister nation Venezuela, seriously escalating the interventionist policies of long standing, we feel called to express our strongest and most energetic rejection, knowing that such threats represent the clear imperial interests of elites who continue to put at risk the life of any people that decides to build its own destiny.

We thus express:

That Venezuela poses no threat to peace and security. On the contrary, we recognize the efforts that have been carried out in the last 20 years, led first by President Chávez and currently by President Nicolás Maduro, strong advocates and promoters of regional integration mechanisms, to develop processes of cooperation based on solidarity and fraternity and to further the building of our region as a common homeland.

That it is the people of Venezuela who must decide the course by which to transit, exercising their right to defend their territory, sovereignty and right to peace and life.

That the institutions and mechanisms established in the Venezuelan Constitution must be respected, including the newly approved Constituent Assembly, reason for which we reject the external actions that continue to seek to ignore decisions that only correspond to those involved.

We denounce:

That the history of U.S. intervention against our peoples dates back to the beginning of the last century; interference and imposition of military dictatorships mark the pages of our history with the blood of millions of men and women the world over, wherever their troops and economic power have imposed their invading boots.

Recent history alone speaks to the coup d’états of this century in our region: Haiti (2004), Honduras (2009), Paraguay (2012) and Brazil (2016); “regime changes” that have palpable effects on the lives of our people with military occupations, human rights violations, attempts to exterminate populations in resistance and struggle as well as our culture, the appropriation and plundering of our natural commons, widespread participation and benefits for the Transnational corporations, and a clear consequence in the creation and increase of financial, social and environmental debts.

That the Venezuelan right uses fascist mechanisms to violate the right to life, democracy, and peace; in recent months alone, its actions of extreme violence have claimed the lives of dozens of people who have been murdered, burned and decapitated merely for seeming to or being supportive of the government. In this sense, the total hypocrisy of various governments and international organizations is evident, as they proclaim the defense of civil rights and democracy while ignoring the crimes against humanity being committed against the civilian population.

What is at stake is not only the future of Venezuela, but that of our entire continent which is once again threatened by imperial policies that seek, through violence and horror, to submerge our peoples and territories once again in warlike conflicts.

We therefore make a call:

To speak out actively in defense of the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people, which in itself is the defense of our common homeland, understanding that these violent actions are part of the project of the United States and its allies to recover their hegemony.

To disavow and denounce the orchestrated role played by transnational media corporations, as well as that of its repeaters not only in Venezuela, but in each of our countries.

To actively denounce the role of attack against Venezuela, as for example that which the governments of several countries of our continent are assuming in this context, at the express request of the USA; governments which in their own countries face multiple denunciations for the systematic violation of the rights of their populations.

To denounce and reject the fascist groups that in Venezuela are perpetrating acts of violence against the population and both public and private infrastructure.

To remain alert and actively speak out in each of our countries, showing solidarity with the people of Venezuela and respect for the constitutional government of Nicolás Maduro.

To invoke the ancestral force of our grandfathers and grandmothers, warriors and liberators of our AbyaYala, to guide the path of all those who raise their voices, bodies and souls to say:





  • Jubilee South / Americas, Latin America and the Caribbean, August 2017

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