Pérez Esquivel to Griesa: It is just not to pay illegitimate and unfair debts

Buenos Aires, 6/27/14 – In a letter delivered yesterday to the New York office of Judge Thomas Griesa[1], Adolfo Pérez Esquivel refers to the immorality and injustice of paying the bonds now in the hands of hedge funds, and offers a more personal reflection on the distinction between legal and legitimate, law and justice.

“It can never be just that financial capital is privileged over the life of entire peoples,” writes Perez Esquivel. “(These bonds) are part of the debt that was imposed in the ’90s, renouncing sovereignty and unconstitutionally ceding jurisdiction to foreign courts like yours, supposedly to pay off the debts of the dictatorship.”

Pérez Esquivel also signals the existence in Argentina of judicialin vestigations and decisions – such as the “Olmos” case – which have already established the fraudulence of the debt behind the bonds that were

exchanged in 2005 and 2010, as well as those that the vulture funds now own. “According to the laws of our republic and international law – he says – these debts are truly null and void.”

“The law should be enforced, but always on the basis of distinguishing between what is legal and what is legitimate, between the law and justice – concludes Pérez Esquivel – and recognizing that both national and human

rights law are clear that the ‘internal debt’ to the people should take precedence: overcoming hunger, poverty and the social marginalization of large sectors … I hope that justice will prevail and that the rights of those who have not yet been heard in court, have the priority they deserve”

Immediately prior to the most recent decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court, Pérez Esquivel and others also sent a letter to Argentine lawmakers, calling on them to fulfill their Constitutional responsibilities to manage the debt, undertaking a participatory and comprehensive audit of

claims, nullifying the laws, treaties and agreements that continue to cede jurisdiction to foreign courts, favoring the usurious interests of big capital over the rights of the Argentine people.

You can read here the full text of the Letter of Pérez Esquivel to Judge Griesa[1].

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