PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE PUBLICATION. Bethlehem, 13 th of August 2014

escudo de palestinaThe Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities conducts a Preliminary Assessment of The Intentional Destruction of Palestinian Cultural Heritage in Gaza

Her Excellency, Rula Ma’ayah, Palestinian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, calls on the international community, especially the UNESCO, World Heritage Committee, ICOMOS, ICCROM, IUCN, ICOM, WAC, IAU and other international organizations to condemn the Israeli indiscriminate attacks against civilians and continuous violations of the international humanitarian law and the military targeting of cultural and natural heritage sites as war crimes and as intentional acts of destruction of cultural and natural heritage in violation of human rights.

The Ministry urges the member states of UNESCO and the Director General of UNESCO to take immediate measures to stop the aggression on civilians and the intentional destruction of cultural and natural heritage in the Gaza Strip, and appeals to the international community to support the establishment of a recovery plan that aims to safeguard the Palestinian cultural and natural heritage.

The cultural heritage of the Gaza Strip is an integral component of the cultural identity of humanity as a whole, and that of the Palestinians in particular. Its intentional destruction has adverse consequences on human dignity and human rights of the Palestinian people, and its destruction is a great loss for humanity.

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