Public letter to the World Bank President, Dr. Jim Yong Kim

On May 11, more than 300 organizations from around the world sent a letter to Dr. Jim Yong Kim, World Bank President, in response to his statements on April 6, during an event held at the New York Theological Seminary.

Through his presentation, and before a question regarding the impacts of large dams, evidenced by the murder of Berta Cáceres in Honduras, Dr. Kim, among other things, replied: “It can not be done the kind of work we are trying to do and not have some of these incidents.”The letter´s signatory organizations believe that the statements by the President of the World Bank are unacceptable, for what they urge him to apologize publicly and to make an immediate rectification.

The Dr. Kim´s intervention is available in the following video (after 53 minutes).


See letter to the World Bank President in SPANISH and ENGLISH.

Source: Aida Americas

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