To the governments of Latin America and the Caribbean, gathered at the Fourth Summit of Heads of State of CELAC

The people of Haiti have shown anew, in recent days and months, their dignity, their desire for freedom, their deep knowledge of their rights and, above all, their decision to no longer accept the subjection that the so-called “international community”, along with a few allied Haitian sectors, continues to try to impose on them.

With indignation, strength, unity and concrete proposals, the Haitian people are fighting for their sovereignty, their self-determination, the defense of all of their rights. And from all corners of our region, today we raise our voices to denounce the abuses they have been suffering, the blatant interference in their internal affairs and the repression of their legitimate protests. We support their emancipatory claims as ours.

We exhort our governments to draw up urgently a new policy towards the fraternal people of Haiti. A policy that puts an end to all participation in the project of occupation and plunder designed and controlled by the US and the other central powers via the Security Council and MINUSTAH, the OAS, the European Union, international financial institutions like the World Bank, IDB, IMF, and offers retribution to the Haitian people for the example and generosity that historically they have offered us. A policy of true cooperation and solidarity, as a few countries have shown for years is possible, based on respect for the rights, needs and alternatives that the people of Haiti, through their organizations, have long been identifying.

We urge you to listen to the criticisms and demands; to act to prevent popular will from again being thwarted; and to contribute to an exit from the political crisis that respects Haiti’s sovereignty and self-determination. The Haitian people aim to refound their nation. The disputed elections only reinforce the model of domination and occupation that the international community is encouraging through the permanence of the MINUSTAH and its troops.

We call on the governments of our Latin America and the Caribbean, in particular, to:

– respect the will of the Haitian people, including their demand for cancellation of the flawed electoral process, the punishment of those responsible for the corruption and fraud, and the creation of a participatory and consensual transition;

– cease all interference in Haiti’s internal affairs, which must include the withdrawal of troops in Haiti and an end to the MINUSTAH; and

– work to end the impunity of the UN vis-a-vis its criminal responsibility in the violation of the rights of the Haitian people, especially including the deadly cholera epidemic, instead ensuring justice and reparation for victims.

Long live a free and sovereign Haiti! MINUSTAH out of Haiti!

– January 26, 2016

Latin American and Caribbean solidarity campaign

for the withdrawal of troops and an end to the occupation of Haiti


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